Friday, July 1, 2011

You Can't Look At A Sleeping Cat And Feel Tense

holla2, peep(s).

today july 1st 2011. a half of 2011 has gone. so many things happened in the past. the memories will never be erased. we shall never look back and gotta move forward aight? past is past. :) i didn't go to school today. yeah i still have bad fever. damn it, i wish this could be end soon. :( oh well, that's not my point. what im gonna tell write is, i found this cute and yet adorable video on youtube. it's about cat's diary. believe it or not, this short film was captured by the cat itself (!) wanna see how it was happened? have a look at video below. :) sit back and enjoy it.

p/s: yeah, im a big fan of cats. :)