Sunday, February 20, 2011

Muhd Afifi Razlan B. Hashim ( R.I.P )

assalamualaikum semua.....

first sekali, sorry sebab tak dapat update lme blog ni.. bukan ape, this week has been rough for me. hmm.. i have lost 3 of my bestfriends in the same week. one of them is afif or name sbnrnye mcm yg tertera kat atas tu... :'( he had an accident last friday with abg sedara dye. :'(

klu u guys nak taw, afif was one of my closest bestfriend and he grew up with me since we were 5 years old taw. :'( kite org started men basketball same2, joined club sme2, mcm2 kte org buat brsma dr kcik smpai la besa.. :'( haha.. afif ni jenis poyo sikit taw ( bukan sikit, bnyk ouh. spe yg knal rpat ngan dye je taw) haha. :') but sepoyo dye pun, he was an amazing friend and A BROTHER to me.. :'( even bfore he died, he mentioned my name, and said something private to me...... :'( i cant stand it anymore.... :'( mcm tak percaya je dye da tade.. :'(

yg lagi dua org tu, i think it's not suitable utk cerita kat sini cuz it's too private and im afraid people will misunderstood it.. :'( soorry peeps..

to all my followers and readers, sorry eh nnt ade mse aku blog walking/follow bacck... i just need some time tuk recover.. but sooner i will get back on track asap okay?? thanks.. and klu boleh sedekahkan la al fatihah utk arwah afif.. :'( thanks a lot sape yg buat tu.. hanya Allah dpt balas jasa baik korg... :') until the next post, later peeps !