Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Wish I Could Throw You Away

holla follower(s).

since yesterday, i have some really bad fever. oh my goodness i really hate it. can you imagine when you can't sleep well, when your body temperature getting higher but you had cold and flu, when you can't walk too much just because you want to keep your body temperature normal with blanket, sweater, etc. *sigh. how i wish this could be over right now. sekarang ni musim demam ke? ramai juga demam minggu ni. including my own classmates. yeah today i didn't go to school. pagi tadi my mom sent me to the clinic. already got my mc. so yeah i really 'enjoy' my time on the bed doing nothing. #sarcatism. this is a strange feeling. haihh. oh well, i think that's it. btw, i changed my blog's theme song to eminem's. he's fucking amazing and one of my favorite rapper of all time. peace out (!). if you're wondering, ini lagu Space Bound - Eminem. :) 6 days ago he released a music video of this song on youtube. better check him out.

p/s: reader(s), doakan i cepat sembuh. so that i get back and do my things normally like before. you know i having trouble in study. i can't learn properly, i couldn't eat because of that sore throat, i can't do my regular things. i hope this gonna over soon. take care everyone. im off to bed. :(

Monday, June 20, 2011

You're Strings of My Heart

assalamualaikum, everyone. :) 

for me, today is simple. but yet full of happiness today. im pretty enjoying my life today, having a great time with my friends, the best moment with my sweetheart, and enjoying my time with my family. what a wonderful life today. yeah, after several things happened in a past few weeks, i think we should take a break from 'stress' sometime. just do something that can make you happy, even more. what else we could ask from God beside happiness in life? yang dah pergi meninggalkan kita, it's time for them to leave us. tuhan lebih sayangkan mereka dari kita rite and mereka dlm perjalanan utk menemui Ilahi. so yeah, mmg kita sedih, but bila fikir balik, at the same time we should be happy for them because they can meet the Almighty. hope dorang di tempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang beriman. aminn. :)

hows exam? oh yeah, mesti tak nak beritahu result kan sebab yeah i know most of us dapat result yang mmg 'good2' sangat. but its okay, we gotta learn from our mistake rite? still ada masa. for those spm candidates this year, keep on study smart and hard. we have a real huge challenging exam ahead. this is gonna determine our path after spm and in life. you know what? i LOVE learning... I just hate test. can you imagine how wonderful it would be to learn new and exciting things without the concern of being 'graded'? (beautiful in theory, impossible in practice, i know) just a thought. :)

p/s: if ada chat you guys yg i lambat reply, im deeply sorry. sometimes i busy with my life. :) but keep on following, i hope you guys will keep reading my current or previous post. please take your time to read all my posts. hope you will enjoy. :) may have a really great life!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You Left, and My Heart is a Ceaseless Sermon Of Loneliness

hey guys. sorry if ada chat you all yg i lambat reply. actually in the past few days were so rough for me and my sweetheart to handle. yeah, my lovely sister has gone, FOREVER. after she had a miscarriage, she was in critical condition. the moment when i received this news, i was like shocked to death. i hope it wouldn't happen but.... hmm. then at 4am in malaysia on june 3rd 2011, my sister has go 'back' to the Almighty. i hope this is all just a dream. baru nak dapat merasa jadi uncle. she's one of the closest person to me and took care of me since i was a baby. and the moment when she's gone, i was like nobody left in this world after my closest bestie, also i treated him like my own brother; afif had gone too, forever.. this was way too hard for me...

my sister was buried in California because she lived there with her husband before. after selamat kena kebumi, yesterday my brother in law came to malaysia to visit my parent and might take my parent to my sister's graveyard. i don't know yet, but it was planned that way.

what make it worse, yesterday too, our kitten, i mean my kitten with my sweetheart has died due to fighting with other cat.. tak cukup dengan itu, my gf's younger sister enters hospital today and will be operated caused by appendix tonite. so hope u guys can pray for her safety and hope she would survive the operation. aminn.

yeah, buat beberapa harini, mmg terok sgt for both of us. i hope that we manage to get through all this.. no matter what, we will survive this thing together.

p/s: korang, hope boleh doakan kesejahteraan kita orang berdua and doakan agar kita orang dapat melalui dugaan ni dengan tabah.

Lots Of Love to All my Followers.