Friday, June 15, 2012

let's set the world on fire, we can burn brighter than the sun

seriously? is it june 15th already? whatthe. man man, i never expect things to be like this. i know i owe you guys another part of footprints in my heart, but really my life has been busy since a month ago. i have to make a preparation to university, and right now is the only time where i can have time for myself. for your information, im studying diploma in accountancy (fast track) at UiTM Puncak Perdana. for those who are curious, the difference between my program and others are i get to do my diploma for two years and directly further my studies in degree for 2 and a half years. well im lovin it here ! as a basketball player, a court that next to your block is such heavenly feeling. and i have been submit into uitm basketball team. alhamdulillah. iam pursuing my dream right now. it has been my dream since i was a little to play for university. but unfortunately, my favorite shoes has broken. :( god i need to buy a new one. *sigh my life here? i must say im one of those lucky human being when i have been appointed to Uitm Puncak Perdana. i got a really cool, sporting and crazy housemates, coolest classmates ever. alhamdulillah, iam a class rep for ac1111c group and yet i hold so many responsible this semester. for your info, there are only two faculty here, accountancy and film, theatre and animation or we called them as fita. this is new life, new phase, new challenge. oh ya about that mini novel, i will update it as soon as possible. :) gotta go now. toodles!

p/s: mannn i miss blogging.