Saturday, March 17, 2012

time will bring your heart to me

seriously, lama gila tak mengupdate blog ni. nak blogwalking apatah lagi. so sorry if sesiapa suruh blogwalking tapi aku tak buat. i didn't have much time before. so i really am sorry. if i do have the time surely i will leave my footprint on your blog.

heartbroken. happy. sympathize. sad. pain. joy. frustrated. you name it all. semua tu banyak berlaku sepanjang tak active sangat dekat alam maya ni. semua benda tu pengalaman kan. so just let it be. i know God have better plan for me. i will work it out 'til i get it. the rest, it leaves to Allah itself. plus we can't escape from reality right.

how can i say this. im facing probably one of the huge changing in life. i must say i hate it. one day you get used to it and enjoy it. one day you did the same mistake over and over again. one day you bla bla bla. i didn't get it. changing is what we have to face everyday as long as we live on this world? i have seen a lot of changes. but this? only God knows what's in my mind right now. 

do we truly know the difference between friendship and love? sometimes i get confused with it too. we all confuse with ourselves especially at my age. at the age of 18, i faced a lot of changing. pardon me if i use a lot of  'changing' here but this is what's happening in my life. truth to be told, i have to deal with a lot of occasion when i have to fight with changing and it was tough and hard and painful. it all started last year. seems like everyone will go away from me. agaknya bila sampai masa aku? serious rindu dengan semua sahabat- sahabat dari kecil and my late sister. ya Allah, tempatkanlah mereka dikalangan orang beriman. Aminn.

haihh. entah lah aku sendiri tak tahu kenapa dengan diri aku right now. macam macam benda kena dekat aku. aku sendiri dah dapat rasa tanggungjawab yang harus aku pikul. it's okay, one day i will be the man of the house. oh ya, teringat pula yang last monday, my grandpa telah kembali ke rahmatullah. my classmate, badruzafiq, ayah dia pun dah kembali ke rahmatullah last tuesday. Al-fatihah to both of them. i know how it feels, dude. all i can say is you must stay strong and whenever you miss your dad, just pray for him. that's the best thing you can do for him. 

peeps, just so you know that recently i have finished my job as music tutor and i will concentrate on my life right now. as SPM candidates last year, this upcoming wednesday gonna be huge. actually, im not ready for the result yet. *sigh what to do. all i can do right now is pray. goodluck to all 2011 SPM candidates. wishing you guys all the best. 

i believe that things happen for a reason. things may be rough for me right now but after i get a hint from Allah, i know i have to believe in Him. believe in qada and qadar as long as i put my effort in it. i know that one special day will come. gahh i feel sleepy now. got to go now. if you guys manage to read all of this, big applause to you guys ! lol. i will blogwalk to your blog and just leave your link here in my cbox ya. take care everyone. stay positive. keep your head up. and dear to that one particular person in my mind right now, i miss you.