Friday, September 28, 2012

strongest flower in the garden of life

It is kinda awkward actually to start writing this post. It's been awhile isn't it? Yeah now I have the urge to write something important in my life. Aha! Before that. I will post the Footprints in My Heart (part 4) in the near future. Sorry. I have been so busy with university life. You know that common teenager doing during university time. I don't do wild things. Hey I'm a good boy. Trust me. Look into my eyes. (/.\) Can't see it? Your problem, not mine. Enough.

Anyway, last week is memorable. A very important week I must say. 19,20,21 September. All of these dates are crucial in my life. Let's just say that I will be dead if I accidentally don't remember it. Let's just keep these thing as a secret shall we? :) and to those people who are related to this dates, you know who you are. You guys are very special in my life. I love you guys.

Well I get to meet my new sahabat. Asim. A very good man, indeed. A little bit older than me but I know he can influence me in a good way. It is very rare to find this type of people nowadays. How I wish I can introduce him to you guys. Oh well. Perhaps next time.

Actually, my main purpose to write this post is about my beloved sister. She has been admitted to Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital and was suspected with left gluteal abscess. Find out more in For that reason, she had to face a surgery. I wasn't sure how I felt by the time I hear this news. I was trying to be optimistic I guess? See there? I was trying very hard. I used to be that man. Very optimistic one. But hearing this news was just freaking me out. It scare the death out of me. But alhamdulillah. She managed to get through it. She is a tough woman, anyway. Praises to Allah. I couldn't thank Him enough with this. I love my sister very much. Very much. She is my everything. I can live without a girl but I couldn't live without my big sister. Though she loves to bully me. Haha.

Kak, I just want you to know that I really miss your jokes, really. I miss your laugh. Your smile. Your 'lectures' about everything. Your story. Yeah. Your story. Your singing. You sound amazing. Your voice can calm me down. This is somehow pretty weird but I really miss your bullying-little-brother moment. Up until now, I can't beat you in a word fight. Haha. I would love to hear all of that again when you recover from your surgery. Yeah, thanks for showing me the meaning of bravery. You inspired me many things. You know, to be honest, when I shake and kiss your hand after your operation and seeing you still in 'that' way, I was holding my tears, kak. It was painful to see you that way but I know I must stay strong for you. Speedy recovery, kak tasya. I miss you. Your little brother miss you. I will wait for you. May Allah bless your life and your health. This is a sign of great things will happen, right kak? There's always blessing in disguise. I believe in Allah and I will stick to that.