Wednesday, February 8, 2012

love is looking together in the same direction

In a class,

Girl's Version,
first day: i saw an idiot sleeping on the front bench.
second day: saw the same idiot getting punished.
third day: he was fighting with a boy. huh. idiot.
fourth day: i couldn't find him.. where is he..

Boy's Version,
first day: when i opened my eyes, i saw her. her smile.. wow!
second day: i got punished so that i could see her all the while.
third day: a boy said something bad about her and i failed to control my anger.
fourth day: i was sitting on the last bench and she turned to find me. yes, she saw me and we smiled meaningfully. :)

love can be cruel sometimes. so be it. it's still the best feeling in the world.