Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friends Are Relatives You Make For Yourself

sorry guys for not posting anything in the past few weeks. been busy with those mid year exam BUT now im finally free ! :) oh yeah, by the way i want to share with you guys about something. I was called to write something big and it's about one of my close friend had an accident on may 20th 2011. by the time i know about this story i was like shocked to death because never expected that he would enter ICU and laying on his bed doing nothing. *sigh

guys, i just hope the he manages to get well soon because SPM is just around the corner. his condition? i can tell you by the time i visited him with my sweetheart i was in tears. boleh di katekan teruklah juga dia kene. hmm. imagine that a steel enters your body and feel the pain. not just he got physically injured but we also got mentally scratched. fuhh.

dear izzat amin a.k.a ej, i hope you gonna get better dude. we used to call each other brothers but after several things happen you were refrain from me a lil bit. now im really miss you dude. the way you talk sometime its irritate me but that's make my day actually. dude, i hope you gonna be alrite, and YAYA, i hope you will always stay strong for your boyfriend. i know you miss your bf so much rite now and i can't imagine if my sweeetheart were in that condition... ej, kau kan angkat berat sebelum ni, main hardcore punya workout. im sure and God Willing that you're that strong through this test from Allah as you lift up a really heavy dumbbell. im envy you in that way. you are strong dude.. hope you gonna make it. im starting to miss you here... hope you will remember what i whispered to you at hospital. a message so that you'll stay strong..

p/s: guys lets pray for him though some of you didn't know him. al-fatihah..