Monday, October 3, 2011

heart touching story must read

Girl : im having a heart surgery today.
Boy : i know.
Girl : i love you!
Boy: i love you more, much more!

after surgery, when the girl woke up, only her father is next to her bed.

Girl : where is he?
Father : you dont know who gave you the heart?
Girl : what? (she starts crying)
Father : lol. im just kidding. he went to the toilet. :P

Saturday, October 1, 2011

you still as beautiful as the first day we met

If you have her, do all you can to keep her. Dance with her, tell her she is as beautiful as the day you first beset eyes upon her flawless visage. Hold her as if fate's arms will cascade at any moment and steal her from you. Lay with her, in your times of mitigation. Believe in your heart that she was made, created by divinity just for you. When she is brought to tears, be there to dry them with reassurance. Love her, until love itself, has withered away. which is hopefully at the end of days.

i burst out into tears when thought of this

He was right there on the other side of the bridge. All she had to do was go. With hesitant, light footsteps, she walked across it and stopped, only to find herself ten feet away from him. Her mouth opened to call for him, and no sound came out at first. Quickly, her tongue swiped over her lips and she swallowed. His name escaped her lips softly, and he turned. The eyes of both grew wide, and they ran to each other, locking in a tender embrace of smiles and tears.