Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

heyya peeps. how you've been? doing great? cool. :) today i think a lil bit breezier than usual. dont u realized? or maybe it just happened at my place. oh well, also today was really the happiest day for two 'just married' couple; Prince William and Kate Middleton. :) have you guys watch the wedding too? for me, the only thing i wanted to watch this royal wedding because i wanna see how beautiful kate is. oh yeah i cant deny the fact she's so damn fine. lol. plus she's just a regular citizen who get married with a prince. ahhh, just like the old classic love story of cinderella or whatsoever princess' story. :) the point is, this is my first time watching someone's wedding. ehem2, correction; a Royal Wedding. i must tell, once you're an English, you'll always be an English and im proud to be the one. why? because 1/32 of my blood was English blood and the way Prince William treat Kate was absolutely gentle. well, bangga kejap jadi gentleman. HAHA. just kidding. :) last word for the newly weds, LONG LIVE PRINCE WILLIAM AND PRINCESS KATE. :D

p/s: by the times prince william and princess kate walked out to the horse drawn carriage, i remembered william's mother, Princess Diana. :') william memang sebiji ikut his mom.

"True love is always better than first love." - Prince William.

aren't they look lovely together? :)