Saturday, January 28, 2012

the only thing matter is in front of you

have you ever wonder you want everything in your life instantly? termasuk juga dengan harta, duit, family, friends, anything. you may get it but it won't be perfect. If it does, you will want more and kita pun terpengaruh dgn cerita Tangled; ''If you have reached your dream, find another dream''. sama je concept dengan benda yang kita nak. kita takkan puas. sampai bila kita nak puas? *kenapa aku tiba2 rasa awkward dengan ayat aku tadi eh? never mind.

in my opinion, we will NEVER satisfy with the things in front of us. once we get it, we will simply forget the basic thing in life, appreciation. bila dah dapat sesuatu barang tu, bersyukur la cuz tak semua orang akan dapat benda yg dorang nak. let's imagine this, try to put your position in lesser fortunate people. perhaps that way you can start to appreciate things in your hand. just saying.

in family or friends matter, sometimes they won't get to see our existence as we're just bunch of people who they might think we don't have any feeling. but truth is, everyone has a feeling. at some point you will cry about this, realizing that no one care about your feeling as if you're alone in this world. do you want to keep it in this way? do you? do you? do you just want to let go of it and let time solve it for you. time might be your slave if you use it right but its not the best counselor. you have to try how to solve it and whatever it is, if you failed, it is not the end of world for you. at least you tried. who knows in the future things happen much better for you. things happen for a reason right? kita mungkin takkan nampak benda ni, kita pun bukannya pakar tilik. but as a muslims and human, we just have to believe in this phrase. it did actually happen. don't hope for it. believe it.

i'm a typical teenagers. sometimes i don't realize how much do i neglect something important in my life. when i do, i have been at the lowest point of life. sometimes i just want to die to make it easier. but running from your problems does not solve anything, even dead. embrace it. be brave enough. i learnt something valuable, you can't be a coward if you want to survive. at the same time, be confident with yourself. take note, if you want to help people by supporting them, you have to support yourself first. see, this is self-appreciation. *wujud ke perkataan macam tu?

anyway, get started by appreciate everything in your life. family, friends, clothes, shoes, fitted cap, etc. we don't want to end up in miserable when we lose that 'things' and later we know how much does it meant to us. i don't know about you, but everything i have in my life, in any aspect, i want to praise to Allah cuz giving me a chance to have my wish. He granted my wishes though some of it weren't perfect. start to learn to appreciate people and things around you. insyaAllah, you will get the same thing in return. karma does actually exist! *amal punya ajaran. but karma also comes from Allah. okay, that's it for now. time for me to sleep. :) ttyl.