Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sold Out (!)

my heart dying inside, i don't think i can live anymore. i deserved to die. pffft. JUST KIDDING OKAY? HAHA. gotcha. lets get straight to the point. actually, last weekend i was seeking for bruno mars' concert ticket. unfortunately, it was all SOLD OUT. you know how upset i really am? *sigh yeah, for your info, bruno mars' the one who inspired me to start singing in front of people. and he's one of the reason why i keep writing lyrics, poems and so on since i was young. so yeah my life full of vocabulary and grammar. :) and i love it. it makes me calm in some way. bruno mars' influences me so much and the fact that i can't go to his concert was really made me frustrated. there's always blessing in disguise rite? *sigh. i hope somebody gonna throw their bruno's ticket and give it to me. lol. =.='

"You're Amazing, Just The Way You Are" - Bruno Mars.

p/s: im Bruno Mars' die hard fan.

sorry i can't make it to your concert dude. :(