Friday, April 8, 2011

To Our Dearest Friend; Amal. This Isn't Apocalypse.

sometimes we felt that this might be the end of world. don't you guys have the same feeling at least once in your lifetime? yeah, thats what we called life. this life can be harsh, can be tough for us to handle. but don't ever forget that 'minor' thing around us like our family, our 'real' bestfriend who always be with us during thick and thin. they always love us no matter what. because they know you better. and most importantly, Allah the Mighty that always forgive us when we did wrong things, that always listenings, always save us from any circumstance as long as we believe in Allah. we're not perfect, but we can try to be the best we can.

dearest Amal, i have been reading a conversation between you and my sweetheart. yeah we just hope that you manage to stay strong and keep stronger everyday. you will find you Mr Right in time. it just ask for time. maybe God try to test you and see how long can you survive it. hey, everyone will get their reward if they 'pass' the God's test. patient is the key. we can simply go die as it much easier than this hard life but do we want to disappoint people that love us? could we see people that we love suffer? like lala's said; kumbang bukan seekor. 

by the way, we just want you to know, you can always count on us. especially on me and my sweetheart. i once asked you about your facebook so that much easier for us to keep in touch but it seems you don't have one. it's okay, we still have these blog and if you can, we want your number but i don't know how do you want to leave your number to us? we still trying to figure out. last but not least, we hope that you'll stay strong, and we want you to know, we always here for you. the magic will come to your life. you such a really nice friend to us. you deserved a better and real great man. your presence, just lighten up our life. we're glad to know you in this life. thanks for the opportunity. 

sincerely, from both of us, wolfzyr and lala.