Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Wish I Could Throw You Away

holla follower(s).

since yesterday, i have some really bad fever. oh my goodness i really hate it. can you imagine when you can't sleep well, when your body temperature getting higher but you had cold and flu, when you can't walk too much just because you want to keep your body temperature normal with blanket, sweater, etc. *sigh. how i wish this could be over right now. sekarang ni musim demam ke? ramai juga demam minggu ni. including my own classmates. yeah today i didn't go to school. pagi tadi my mom sent me to the clinic. already got my mc. so yeah i really 'enjoy' my time on the bed doing nothing. #sarcatism. this is a strange feeling. haihh. oh well, i think that's it. btw, i changed my blog's theme song to eminem's. he's fucking amazing and one of my favorite rapper of all time. peace out (!). if you're wondering, ini lagu Space Bound - Eminem. :) 6 days ago he released a music video of this song on youtube. better check him out.

p/s: reader(s), doakan i cepat sembuh. so that i get back and do my things normally like before. you know i having trouble in study. i can't learn properly, i couldn't eat because of that sore throat, i can't do my regular things. i hope this gonna over soon. take care everyone. im off to bed. :(