Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Are Men Such Jerks?

holla2 monster(s).
for men, dont think negatively. im a man too. you know what? for us, we've been given these question many times by the woman and we couldn't answer it right? we'd be speechless and standing there like nothing's happen but actually on our mind we wanted to try and give the best possibly answer to the question. i think the question above have been answered by Justin Timberlake himself on 'Why Are Men Such Jerks?' in the video below. lol. for guys who having this kind of situation can refer to this video and answer perfectly that would make our woman's world better without this question playing on their mind and found a deadlock. it's a win-win situation, dont you think so? :) enjoy.

for those who didn't hear clearly of what he said, i will write it down. oh before im late, did you know why Ellen(the host) asked justin about the question? for those who know taylor swift and read her lyrics deeply, she always mentioned that guy is a jerk and she always write a song about one guy that broke her heart. mostly who had been in a relationship with her. ouch, thats hurt. =.=' and before she became famous, she has had a longtime celebrity crush with justin timberlake. i bet you guys have been in that situation too, aren't you? :) ellen used this opportunity to ask justin and see what he'd answer. haha. 

Ellen: why are men such jerks, justin go ahead and tell her. 
Justin: well, ahh, why im into it. god where'd do i start? uhmm well ahh, you know women are, women, women, you guys, you LADIES are uhmm, you just smarter than us. and uhh see, see i've accepted that, i've accepted that. im much more comfortable in my stupidity. i just rolled with it you know. so that makes me less than a jerk.

p/s: i love taylor swift. :D btw, justin timberlake FTW!