Sunday, August 7, 2011

You've Got Magic Inside You And You Will Prevail

assalamualaikum reader(s)
actually today nak cerita psl salah satu movie trilogy yg paling best in my opinion. Avada Kedavra! err tahu apa kan? bagi sesiapa peminat harry potter or yg pernah tengok movie or baca novel dia, you will recognize those word from the Dark Lord. :) yeah, recently harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 came out and spread the magic to audience last month. you know what? believe it or not this week i have been watching it for million times. you wont know how much this story influenced me so much and i grew up with this movie. ada part sedih, gembira, frustrated, suspen, semua ada. kira mmg complete in one adventurous storyline. :')

i grew up reading the books.
i grew to know that love between friends is just as important as love with our family.
i grew to understand the right things to do are not always the easiest.
i learnt about the power of will.

mmg sedih harry potter ni dah habis, but also we know that harry kicks voldemort's ass. lol. and one of the best part is, actually the cutest part when harry with ginny and ronald with hermione send their kids to the train for school at hogwarts. i still can remember that one of the harry's son named albus severus potter. how cute is that. :> yeah, u can call me anything, iam a big fan of harry potter since the day its first movie until now. i know kind of childish but who care. :) i will miss this movie. :')

p/s: yeah, we are a proud GRYFFINDOR! right gabe? :)